6th Annual British Kebab Awards 2018

Uni Kebab was crowned Winner of the 6th British Kebab Awards 2018 Best Customer Satisfaction Award.

​The 6th Annual British Kebab Awards was held at the Plaza Hotel Westminster London on the 12th March 2018. The event was attended by over 1,200 guests.

​With around 20,000 Kebab Businesses in the UK, 5012 were Nominated by the public into 16 different categorize from fine dining to best Kebab van.

The British public were then asked to vote for their favorite Kebab houses up and down the country. After months of voting 153 restaurants were then shortlisted for 16 Awards Categories and the voting continued.

Votes were then counted and the shortlisted businesses were then judged by the Award panel of judges and winners were announced on the night.

"We like to think of our customers as extended family & friends and we have worked hard to gain great customer relations."

Being a family run restaurant means we can really put our heart and soul into everything we do and pay attention to our quality of foods and our relationship with our customers. It lets us control exactly what goes into our foods, from choosing our fresh ingredients to butchering our meats daily and marinating in our own recipe sauces. Using fresh quality ingredients and not prepacked frozen meats & breads full of preservatives and additives is something I feel passionate about.

We make everything we can where possible from scratch including our traditional shish Kebabs to our homemade pita breads and chili sauce. Cooking everything fresh to order in our open style kitchen in front of our customers so they can see they are getting a fresh quality Kebab. All our Meals are flexible as they are cooked fresh to order so our customers can customize if they wish to. We have still included some indulging comfort foods on our menu, some exclusive to Uni Kebab like our cal zones, Twisters and par mos but they are still made fresh using quality ingredients. “Take away” food might be fast but it shouldn’t have to compromise on Quality.

My advice for anyone wanting to get in the food industry would be to be prepared to work hard, Learn as much as you can from others more experienced around you and no matter where you are on the ladder if you dream big and have real passion to learn you will achieve something. Don’t cheat on your ingredients and most Importantly, really value your customers and get involved in your local community. It’s about giving back as much as it it succeeding.

We have exciting new plans for the future of Uni Kebab & hope we can continue to keep coming up with new exciting menu items and keep doing what we love…making Quality Kebabs.

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